Does Rehab Work As A Treatment For Alcoholism And Other Addictions?



The number of alcoholics and drug addicts in the United States is increasing at a high pace. The death toll due to the overdose of drugs has reached an alarming number in the recent years. Consistent attempts have been made by the state authorities and the health organizations in order to rehabilitate the drug addicts. Alcoholism has trapped many pop-stars and celebrities who consistently try to de-addict or rehab but they continue to fail almost all the times.

De-addiction and rehabilitation by self or through psychological treatment are quite difficult and ineffective. Statistics confirm that the cost of de-addiction using medication is much expensive than the monthly dose of the drugs. This is another limitation or excuse drug addicts make in order to avoid de addiction. Thus, blaming that rehabilitation does not work when in fact, they don’t try hard enough to get de-addicted.

Effectiveness Of Traditional De-Addiction

The concept of the de addiction is not new, though only a few opt for the de addiction option. Surveys have confirmed that out of ten addicts, only one took to the de addiction centers and most of them failed to quit alcohol or drug addiction. The traditional or conventional theory of the de addiction relies on the psychological treatment of the addicts. The addicts practice ample numbers of activities involving high concentration so that they can drive their focus from the urge to consume drugs. Moreover, almost all of the psychologist advice the drug addicts to meditate and practice yoga postures in order to gain control over the mind.

This treatment is time consuming and is considered as the least effective. The urge to consume alcohol or drugs drags the addicts out of the de addiction classes. Moreover, as long as the addict is at the de addiction centers, he is worried about the loss in business or job position. This often has a negative effect on the patient. Many a times, the patient thinks of leaving the de addiction center to continue with their normal life.

Conventional de addiction is not much expensive and there are no side effects. However, it is the least effective and the time consumption causes great loss of assets. The result outcome is also very poor. Due to this fact, addicts lose relation with friends and family. Most of the addicts return to the earlier stage. However, there is a major difference this time; their will is largely affected.

Effectiveness Of Modern De-Addiction

Nowadays, medical practitioners recommend alcoholics or drug addicts to consume medicines in order to help them quit drugs. These medicines affect the brain and signal the neurons not to consume drugs. In some cases, the addict forms an allergy to the drugs, Tobacco, or alcohol and ultimately quits them. Doctors recommend the use of medicines strictly under their surveillance. A number of side effects usually follow these medicines and the overdose may cause permanent damage to the nervous system. This medicinal treatment is quite effective as compared to conventional treatment. Alcohol and drug rehab can be ensured using the right medicine for the specific cause.


Heroin De-Addiction

There is no single medicine in order to cure all disorders. Similarly, doctors recommend different medicines in order to cure addiction to various drugs. The medical practitioners recommend Buprenorphine, Methadone, and Naltrexone. The consumption of the Buprenorphine is not easy for the body to tolerate. Methadone is a non-sedative drug and easy to consume by the addicts not able to tolerate the high dose drugs. The success rate of the de-addiction is quite impressive.

Cocaine De-Addiction

In order to cure drug abuse due to the cocaine behavioral therapies are more effective as compared to the medicines. Moreover, there are no recommended medicines by any federal health department for the de-addiction of cocaine. Medicines like Disulfiram proved to be effective at controlling the urge of cocaine. Scientists also developed vaccines for the cocaine that help at building the antibodies against this drug and are effective at controlling the addiction rate. Activities like puzzles, multimedia games, and home assignments proved to be effective at suppressing the urge for this drug.


Medical practitioners recommend alcoholics the use of medicines in order to detox the body. The consumption of the alcohol when reaches the extreme value the urge to drink multiplies. The detoxification may lead to anxiety or emotional breakdown. In some cases, the patients undergoing treatment reported body seizure. Medicinal detox must be given with great care under the surveillance of the doctors. Generally, doctors recommend acamprosate, disulfiram, or naltrexone along with anti-depressants in order to help addicts quit alcohol.

Limitations Of Rehab

The problem with the medicinal treatment is it is very costly. The cost of the monthly treatment is double and even more as compared to the cost of expensive drugs like cocaine and opium. This hinders the de addiction treatment process, as most of the addicts are not able to manage the expense of treatment. The fact of drugs being cheaper than the treatment cost weakens the will of the addicts. Moreover, it has been observed that the urge to drink alcohol or consume drugs is suppressed as long as the addict is consuming the medicines. Though effective, medicinal treatment is not economically feasible.

The Bottom Line

There are a number of ways to help the alcoholics and drug abused to recover. The question that arises is whether the rehab is worth or not? What are the success rates? In order to understand the effect, the best way is to know the stats. Currently, the success rate of de-addiction is very poor. After spending enough money, time and assets the addicts are not able to quit the drugs and alcohol. The best way that is to use the right blend of the traditional as well as the modern de addiction techniques. This will help the patient suppress the limitations of the one technique using the other. Love and support from the family will act as the catalyst for the rehab process.


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